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soft skills for jobs seekersWhen it comes to the job hunt and workplace, two things matter more than anything else:

  • What you know (your skills/experience), and
  • Who you are (your behavior/traits)

Your professional training or “hard skills” (what you know) makes you employable and represents what you bring to an organization. These tend to get the most emphasis.

But consider this:

How you work, your personality and your behavior represent another important set of skills, and they are just as important to employers as what you know. They are “soft skills” and valuable to employers.

Soft skills are a critical piece of your resume. They determine how well you fit into a team or organization and to what degree your hard skills benefits your employer. They are on display from the moment you submit your application and they dominate the interview.

In fact, understanding what they are and knowing how to leverage them to greatest effect can land you the job! If yours are lacking or missing, landing that new job is going to be tough.

The good news:

Like any skill, you can always work on improving them!

Here are 7 soft skill categories employers look for that can make you irreplaceable:


It may seem like a no-brainer, but strong communication skills are essential, and not just for job seekers. Strong verbal and writing skills get you noticed and in position to make a positive impression right away.

Further developing them while employed is just as important. Things like active listening, being able to tailor vocabulary and strong articulation strengthen anyone’s resume.

Don’t overlook them.


No one is an island.

Even if you work for yourself, you deal with other people everyday. Strong interpersonal or “people skills” are vital.

If people find it difficult to work with you, they won’t! Smooth interaction with others and the ability to develop strong working relationships are essential. It allows everyone to work more effectively and do business better. Simply put, interpersonal skills may be the most important of all!

Personal Development

Stand still and you’ll get left behind. A person dedicated to growing and developing is an asset worth having for any business. It shows employers that you actively seek improvement.

Be open to new concepts and show a willingness to learn new skills. Integrate them into the workplace and you will make yourself an increasingly valuable employee. Your stock will rise!


Change is inevitable and constant in today’s workplace. Flexibility is key.

The ability to effectively adapt to any situation makes you dependable, and dependability makes you an asset that’s difficult to replace. Being able to go with the flow and remain positive and productive, no matter the situation, increases your value. Flexible = Valuable!

Time Management

Time is money. It’s an old adage, but is true for every business. Good time management is an essential work skill.

Developing good time management will strengthen your standing as a valuable employee. It is a critical factor for employability. An employee who manages time well is an employee who requires less managing. Period.

You’ll be more productive and seen as a self-starter. Master it!


Employers place high value on problem-solving and for good reason. This soft skill is a force multiplier and makes any team more dynamic and self-sufficient.

Those who demonstrate strong problem-solving skills carry immense workplace value! They help navigate and overcome obstacles, reducing operational costs and boosting productivity.

Just like flexibility, having solid problem-solving skills makes you a high-value asset.


Good leaders strengthen a team, no matter the size. And they aren’t just born, they’re developed.

Being able to inspire others, lead by example, offer support and be a motivator are invaluable to employers.

Want to climb the ladder and score that promotion? Take stock of your leadership qualities. Exercise and develop them.

You can rest assured that employers always keep an eye out for strong leaders…and it can be you!

What Do You Think?

These are just some soft skills that will benefit your job search and career.

Do you have examples of skills you have developed that have benefited you on a job hunt or in the workplace?

Share with us in the comments section below!


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