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workplace perksWhen it comes to the recruitment process, recruiting the best candidates and top talent can be a tough task. But, adding a few employee perks can make your life easier.

Here’s why:

Today’s job seekers are often looking for more than just a paycheck. They look for jobs that fit their lifestyle, work style, schedule and interests.

More and more companies are taking a fresh look at employee perks and using innovative approaches to appeal to considerations beyond the paycheck. You should too because it works!

Perks like “casual Friday” have been around for years and 401K match programs are all but expected these days. Changing times and a changing workforce demand that employers be responsive and adapt to remain competitive. For employers, perks can seem prohibitive because of the perceived costs.

The good news is that you don’t have to break the bank to provide meaningful perks. With a little bit of research, thought and creativity, employers can work within their means to offer added, and appreciated, benefits to their employees.

Some ideas for employee perks worth considering are:

Health and Wellness – offer partial or full gym membership reimbursement; allow longer lunch breaks for exercise/walks

Professional Development – offer opportunities to attend training or speaker events

Volunteering – grant paid time off to volunteer in the community

Dress Code – institute a casual (but appropriate) dress code for workers not in front of customers; allow jeans in the workplace

Life/Work Balance – boost family leave, maternity/paternity benefits; offer work-from-home arrangements; flexible work hours

Workplace Festivities – allow celebration of national holidays or major sporting events in the office

Employee Recognition – hold quarterly lunches to recognize perfect attendance, employment milestones or celebrate individual/company achievements

Perks can range from elaborate and expensive to free and simple, but your primary goal is to offer added benefits to the employee. Keep their needs and interests in mind and take their well-being to heart.

And if your company offers a perk that is particularly unique, don’t hide it – flaunt it! It may be the thing that catches the eye of a great candidate!

Bottom line: employee perks are about appreciation and accommodation. They are vital and will help you attract the best employees, keep them, and boost workplace morale. And that is good for business!

Any Thoughts?

Do you have any ideas for perks? Do you know of any companies with some great examples? let us know in the comments below.


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